Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing in Action

I have been off the pen scene for awhile! Spring went by so quickly and now summer is half over. It is amazing how busy one can get when moving across the state, leaving a job, setting up a new home and recovering from a hard drive crash. I did manage to keep up on some of the new items at but instead of my two orders a month, I only managed to make one in June. I think I have some shopping to do, because I gave most of my pens away!

Right before I left my previous I donated almost all but 20 pens from a huge Rubbermaid container I kept hidden in my office closet. I kept one or two of some pens from various multi-packs and some that I just couldn't part with. However, these were all department store type pens. I did not give away a single jetpen! I just realized that most of those other pens were inferior and not needed. Rest assured I have plenty of pens to review that are all neatly (not really) tucked away in my desk drawer. I am in love with my new Pentel Sliccies 3 Color Gel Ink Multi Pen! Except I am almost out of ink, I need to order more refills. I am also in love with the idea of the Metaphys Locus 3Way Multi Pen but the price tag is too high! Especially since I just bought a new pen/pencil bag!Ok, so it is for more than just my pens, but I bet I can fit a lot of jetpens in there! It is roomy enough for a little notebook, my kindle, a Quo Vadis Textagenda and wallet. I am sure I can even fit my journal in there and still have room for a mini pencil case.