Saturday, September 20, 2014

ARC DIY-Invention?

I am in a couple of planner groups, some DIY, some filofax and some ARC.  I like all of them for different reasons, although my heart really belongs with the DIY focus.  I think that is pretty obvious.  But recently I have been on an ARC kick.

I was an early adopter of the ARC system because it spoke to that DIY part of me.  I had the punch right away began making my own books before staples even considered the "build your own line." Not to mention binding it across the top.  I made that before staples did... :)  There is proof on this blog!  (TIP: Want poly covers but not with the price tag of a whole new book? Buy pre-punched ARC poly dividers, cut off the tab and make it flush.  Presto a cover!) 
And today I feel like I invented something new!  Knowing my luck there is someone out there already who does this, has a you tube channel with 50 videos about it and sells it on etsy...but I don't recall seeing it. 

I was thinking about my ARC notebooks.  I have about 5 I think, some I have made, some I have bought.  I basically use them for work meeting notes.  Overall, I don't really use them for planning but I was thinking about how I could make them more useful to me at home.  

This AM I was thinking about my cumbersome sticker binder.  It is a just a regular binder with protective sheets that i slide my stickers into.  It is just a nightmare mess.  They want to slide out and all over. They are all goofy sized and most don't have room to hole punch the sides.  And I thought, wish I could just attach something to the barest edge of the sticker sheet and then make them into an ARC.  Then I remembered I had this notebook of thin thin paper that I wished I could ARC but it is just too thin.  The punches are basically mush after a few flips. I have used washi tape, for these projects but I don't want to to gum up my punch and I only have 150 rolls of washi tape, I certaninly don't want to waste it all on edging!  What if I ran out? 

I started thinking wouldn't it be great to have attachable punched edges.  So I thought about it and came up with a prototype. 

I bought some double sided sticky tape at hobby lobby and a sheet of lighter weight and heavier weight scrapbook paper.  This so happens to be the lighter and it works just fine.  I also grabbed one of those mushy thin sheets of paper that I like for meeting notes.

I just folded it in half, punched it and laid the sticky side down from top to bottom.  Notice the red?  That peels off to expose the other sticky side of the tape. You can see what it looks like peeled in the third picture.

I positioned the paper and stuck down one side, careful to not place to close to the edge of the punches.  FYI, this stuff is super sticky.  You only get one shot at adhering the paper flawlessly.  If you are like me, it took a few times, which is why the paper is a little wonk.  Then I just peeled the top side, folded over and put directly in a nearby ARC.  The paper turns just fine, and the doubled up scrapbook paper is not too light or too heavy.  It is the Goldilocks weight in my opinion.

So that is my invention.  I am sure it has been done, but I am going to pretend I am original for a little bit and just bask in my own genius.

Feedback and questions welcome, as always!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Updates!

It has been a busy year so far! We've moved states for my DH's job, we bought and sold a house, went on a 10 day vacation and so on!!  Yet I had time to keep up on my planner but I didn't get a chance to post here or in the FB planner groups. 

I used the same type of book as last year, XL moleskine cahier. The front is scrapbook paper, modge podge and washi tape. 

I bought these two layouts on etsy and alternated them each month because I liked them so much and couldn't decide. This is the first time I've ever put in a year's worth of monthly pages. 

Created this layout on the computer and glued it in.
To fit the 12 months and 52 weeks in this book I had to have some 2-weeks on one page layouts. 

This is a layout I've used before and created in publisher and photoshop.
I tore this out of a 2$ planner from Barnes and Noble that was on clearance. 

I can't remember where I got this layout, maybe from a planner group, I wish I could remember who to credit.  I should start making a note on each page if I use someone's layout. 

The second page is also from a planner group I think. 

This week I decide to try and blend a weekly planner with bullet journaling. The little card has my "key" for the bullet journal. 

Thanks for catching up with me!