Monday, October 12, 2009

Something you might like...

In my never ending quest to find more planner page layouts for my awesome homemade planner, I stumbled across a pen related organizer at DIY Planner. I figured my fellow pen aficionados may be able to make use of this or have it spark your imagination. This Pen and Ink Inventory is a great idea for keeping track of all your pen, pencil, highlighter and marker purchases. I wish I would have found it earlier as I would have used this format in my DIY Planner.

An organized list like this may also help me keep my purchases organized. My current system of throwing them in a drawer has led to purchasing the same pen in the same color two or three times or buying multipen barrels but forgetting the ink. I am sure I can find a purpose for a list like this eventually.

I hope someone else can find this useful. If not just head over to DIY Planner and browse. I am sure there is something there that will be of interest!