Sunday, November 20, 2011

More MMMG Goodness, now with pictures!

Due to the anonymous comment on my last entry, I was directed towards The Hach to help me fuel my MMMG planner addiction. Before I talk about the planners, let me comment on The Hach. I have no affiliation with them and I paid for my products so I feel no reason to say anything one way or another about them. That being said, this was an excellent company to buy from. My items shipped quickly and they even refunded some money to me for shipping. My shipping cost less than expected so I actually got that money back! When does that ever happen? Never! So, if you have a few bucks to throw around, visit The Hach, because they were awesome. I will surely be placing another order soon as they have some Washi tape calling my name.

Back to the planner addiction...I have no idea how I will use the 134 planners I have now, but I am going to give it a shot. I also ordered pens, because I clearly do not have enough of those either. When I am going to get my own episode of Intervention for all of these paper product purchases? My friends really should be stepping in at some point.

Maybe my friends and my husband view my paper/pen addiction as a victimless crime (if you excluded the damage done to my bank account...) And when I think about it, really everyone wins, because I am about to share some MMMG goodness.

(Notice the handwritten thank you note from The Hach as well!)

I think the paper is thin on the Planner.M model and the paper wouldn't be suited to fountain pens.

I haven't actually written in any of these because I simply can't bear to taint the pages if I am not using it. I hate writing in something and not using it. However, from the feel of the pages, the Past Present Future and Tomorrow planner will take gel pens and wetter ink ok, with limited bleed through.

Here are a couple of pages from the Past Present Future, it is basically laid out like a weekly Moleskine. There are blank calendar pages in the front and then some additional unlined and lined journal pages at the back.

Overall, if you are looking for a functional, undated planner with weekly layouts, MMMG is great option.

Lets not forget the pens! These are just standard color pink and purple ink pens (ignore the lighting issues, it is Iowa and gets dark at 2:30 this time of year.) They are .38 and really are nothing special in the pen department, but I liked the aesthetics and simplicity of the barrel. Seems like a good enough reason to buy something I suppose. I will probably pick up more in this set because they write well enough and I wouldn't be heartbroken if I lost one.

Anyone else out there love these planners? If so, let me know which one is your fave!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

MMMG Millimeter Milligram Planners

I love planners. I have made my own planners, made planners for other people, printed out free printable pages, used Moleskine's, Quo Vadis, generic Mead academic planners, assignment books, the uncalendar....I've been around the planner block. But like with most things, I want to try something new and travel to far off planner lands. I started my journey with these two planners from Poketo:
Weekly Planner
Perpetual Planet Planner (in brown)

But now, I need every single planner at MMMG. Millimeter Milligram is a Korean company I believe, and they sell every planner an addict could ever dream of. I literally must have every single planner listed below.

Check these out:
New Day
Daily Color
Planner. M
The Collage Book of Daily Life Travel
Past Present Future and You (Large version)
Daily Color

Apparently you can order online, but unfortunately the site doesn't seem to link to an US version. I have the "Draw Your Tomorrow" planner already. However, I want nearly every other planner on the site.

I'm not sure why I need all of these different planners, it seems like a bit much. However, being rational when it comes to paper products isn't something I am good at. My point is, if anyone knows of anywhere that is selling these adorable MMMG products, tell me in the comments. I don't care if the store is from overseas or in the US. As long as there is an English version of the website, I will be happy. If you can't help me find these awesome products, feel free to suggest some of your favorite planners in the comments!

In the mean time, I will try and do a review on the two planners from Poketo and let you know what I think!