Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rhodia Finds

I was exploring a new mall when I came across these three Rhodia notebooks! I thought each one was unique so I had to pick them up. The only Rhodia notebook I have had in the past was a quad rule legal pad type. I rarely come across them in stores, but I check them out online quite a bit.

The orange legal pad has yellow paper, which I have not seen before, except on the Rhodia website. The lines are still the light purpleish that the plain white paper has. It was 9.99. This was the one I was most excited about because it was yellow!

The smaller book is an A5 exercise book with the standard white paper. This was only 2.99.

The largest notebook is the A4, four colors book and it was only 9.99

I didn't really need these notebooks right now, but I have a paper addiction, so I really couldn't help myself. I think if I ever get a new job, these three notebooks could be put to good use.

I also just saw that Rhodia Drive is giving away some Rhodia Webnotebooks! Enter the contest over at Rhodia Drive!


  1. I love the A4! It is one of my favorites, maybe it is the colors, I don't know- I just feel so inspired when I write in one!

  2. I like that four-colors notebook! I have one kind of like that, a Miquelrius, and it's a nice way to organize things--I like it a lot better than tabbed dividers.