Friday, November 23, 2012

DIY Planner for 2013

I loved my DIY planner.  I had used a large hardcover Piccadilly notebook and I have also used a grid lined Clairefontaine multiple tabbed notebook with colored pages.  I currently still use that type of notebook for my work notes and to-do list b/c it fits in my Louis Vuitton cover. (I did just order a Kokuyo CamiApp notebook from jetpens though, as I want to experiment keeping my work notes electronically for a month or so.)

I had quit doing a DIY planner and switched to a weekly Moleskine and now have been using various undated planners like from MMMG or other Korean brand planners.  Now that my life has gotten less busy, I find myself having enough time to go back and do my own DIY planner pages each week.  Unfortunately, this a double edged sword, b/c now I have less things to plan or record in my planner.  Even in my undated planners, I have a lot of blank pages.  Also, since the Piccadilly was so large/hardbound it made my purse too heavy.  I will probably look at using something a bit smaller, even if it isn't as small as a medium Moleskine.

Basically I am on the fence about starting back over with DIY, I feel like if I could find the perfect notebook, I might just go ahead and try it out again. 

So here is my wishlist of the characteristics of the notebook:
  • Smaller width lines, like a Moleskine
  • No spiral binding or perforated pages, hard or soft cover
  • Lined, not grid
  • All one color pages, non-multicolor
  • Blank, solid color cover
  • It would be awesome if one page was blank and the other lined, but that will probably too much to ask for.
  • Paper is friendly to markers, felt tip pens, paint pens etc. 
  • Smaller than the large Piccadilly bigger than a medium weekly Moleskine
I think this may be an impossible wish list, but I'm going to look through every blank book I have and I am open to suggestions!  If I can't find anything to use in what I currently have or online, I think I will try an extra-large Cahier since it should be lightweight.

I will also need some new DIY inspiration, so if there are any sites out there with some DIY planner post/pictures, please leave it in the comments!

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