Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New planners, stickers and a giveaway!!

This past weekend we took a trip to Chicago.  The trip was all about retail therapy and I wanted to visit a store a co-worker told me about.  In Niles, IL there is a store called H Mart, which is a Korean grocery store.  To be honest, I had never heard of this store, but this gal from work shared that there was a great stationery section, so I knew I had to go check it out.

I was not disapointed.  This little tiny shop inside the larger H Mart store was stocked to the ceiling with all sorts of stuff.  From headbands to sticker to Hello Kitty and posters of bands--this place had it all.  But most importantly they had pencils and notebooks. My wallet is quite a bit lighter after this visit and my stock of notebooks s much larger!

I will post more notebook pictures later this week, but here is just a taste of what I purchased.

These stickers are super cute and there were a lot to choose from.  Plus the ones on the left are a bit raised/puffy.  For the flags, I think those of you who use a Filo Fax type planner would like these because they are hole punched for a binder.

I also picked up a small undated planner.  I bought it solely because I liked the cover, that was the total selling point for me.  However, when I opened it up and saw how great the pages are, I was even happier with the purchase.  Each page is decorated and is colorful.  It has the monthly and weekly layout design I favor as well as a lot of space in the back for notes.  To be honest, I will probably never use this planner, as I can't see breaking away from my DIY planner right now, but I just had to have it.

I also want to share one more thing.  Most of the notebooks that I picked up are very similar, but one is not like the others.  Therefore, I have decided to give it away!  I am excited to do a giveaway post and I plan to post it later this week when I post the notebook pictures.  Keep watching this space! 


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