Sunday, December 1, 2013

Giveaway Winner and Update

Life got crazy and I neglected to post who won the JetPens Giveaway, since JetPens took care of the drawing and shipping of the prize. 

The winner was Julie Driver from Georgia!   Congrats Julie!

JetPens has already shipped her prize to her, and she has probably been enjoying the winnings for a couple of weeks now.  Thanks to all who entered.

Now for a general update....I have been busy making weekly layouts and just started putting together my planner for next year.  After much debate, I am going with another DIY Moleskine planner.  I had considered buying a FiloFax or Kikki.K planner or even just going back to a predated Moleskine planner.  But I do enjoy making these layouts so I figured I will just keep it up.

I am also trying to design more on the computer and then print/paste into the planner so I think that will be something that gets used much more often next year.  If I have any good printables, maybe I will make them available to share.  I would love to get good enough to have an etsy shop, but really I would just like to see people use something I made because they love it as much as I do.

To leave you with a picture, I did dress up a composition book that I will use for taking notes at work.  I used washi tape sheets, washi tape rolls and some scrapbook paper for the inside divider.  I then used the antique finish modge podge to help it all stay together.  I wanted to make sure none of the tape would peel as I will use this every day.  If am lucky, this book might last through February.  I take A LOT of notes in my job.


  1. I saw you on Instagram and love your style!! I'm forever in search of the perfect planner! :) I can't ever seem to get one just the way I like it... Thanks for sharing!!!