Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How many pens do I have?

The answer to this question is: A LOT! I thought I would take a pic of what I carry in my purse. These photos exclude my pens in a rubbermaid container in my office, in my desk at work, and in my desk at home.

Most of these pens are from jetpens, but a few have been purchased at a pen store in the mall or at department stores. The pencil bag is something I picked up at the local university book store a couple of years ago.
The case is pretty full, but I could probably fit a few more in....

Pepino was very interest in pens today as well and watched intently as I laid them all out. I have some Gelly Rolls, brush pens, Pilot Choose, Slicci, G2, Zebra Sarasa, several Preppy fountain pens and a Lime Green Lamy, Hi-Tec-C multi-pen, Tradio, Uni-Ball Signo, Pentel Hybrid Technica, and a few others... I am not sure I have enough pens to do reviews about. I better do some pen shopping just to be safe.


  1. Very nice! Thats a nice lot of pens you have there. Pepino just made my day again ha ha :D.

  2. I always enjoy seeing another persons pens. The dog is too cute. You really should review some of those for us, I'd love to read about them!

  3. lol, I am a pen lover too. Nice to know that there is someone else like me, my husband always complain about that. I think I have more than you, about 50 jel pens, 15 big magic pens, 15 highlighters, etc and all of them are kept in two pencil bags that are two times bigger than the one you show here (am I crazy). I have been in USA almost two years and I realize that pens are so cheap in my country, thanks God! I'm going to buy more when I go back.