Saturday, February 28, 2009

Uncalendar Planner

This past fall I had a calendar/planner crisis. I run into trouble with planners because I have to keep my daily schedule in Outlook. My boss requires it and my coworkers need to be able to see my calendar. I don't want to keep a paper and Outlook calendar because of the inevitable discrepancies that will appear. Planners that have appointment times in them are pointless for me.

I do like to have a written to-do list and due to the number of voice mails I receive I found it best if I keep track of them to make sure I return calls. I hated my system of keeping track of my daily to-do list, voice mails, etc. because everything was in separate books. I had used the uncalendar planner in several years ago. I was hesitant to go back to it because I wanted to try something new. I searched all over the internet and in stores, but I didn't find what I wanted. I even tried to create my own calendar pages to have them bound at staples, but to no avail. So I went back to the uncalendar.
Here is the instruction page of how to use the uncalendar. I don't use the system like this, but I thought others may find it interesting. This system is capable of many more things than I use it for. Each section explains how to maximize the usage of that section, but I ignore most of that. That is the main reason why I do like using this, because I can do whatever I want with it, despite the instructions. This is a shot of what one week looks like for me. I use a section for voice-mails, notes, and on the right side where appointments would go, I use it as a to-do section. There is also plenty of room for doodles, which is critically important.

The pens used on this vary. On Monday and Tuesday I have a purple slicci and a blue/black one, Tuesday the words PTO4 are written with a fountain pen, it didn't do well on the yellow color. (In my experience fountain pens do bleed a bit on this paper but are typically too wide of a point to make them usable for this planner.) Friday, that is a Hi-Tec-C multipen. The maroon color that appears all over is a .4 Zebra Sarasa Red/Black, which is currently one of my favorite pens.

There is some bleed through from the following week on the lower right. That is from a preppy sign pen and a liquid Sharpie highlighter. I don't notice a ton of regular ink bleeding through, problems only occur with markers, highlighters or elaborate doodling.

It has a blank calendar in back, which I never use.

Some sort of goal planning sheets.

Notes pages. I actually have a whole notebook like this that doesn't seem to be made by the company anymore. I think it was called the notekeeper.

Overall, I really like this system for the flexibility it has. I can use it differently every week if I wanted to, and I know my usage of the system will evolve over time. If I could change anything, it would be higher quality paper and less use of primary colors. It will be nice if there were other color schemes to choose from.


  1. Wow, very neat and I like your use of the different pens. I would really like one of these I don't think I have ever seen any planners like this before, thanks for sharing :).

  2. This is an interesting system, I'm not sure I could get used to doing it that way, but still pretty cool. Thanks for sharing...always happy to see something new like least new to me. :)