Monday, February 23, 2009

Sharpie Accent Highlighters --Review

First order of business--if you click on the picture you can see the whole thing, Blogger keeps cropping it. I am sure it user error, but until I figure out what I am screwing up, click the pics for a better photo.

I purchased the 10 pack of Sharpie Accent Highlighters. I picked this up from Wal-Mart and I assume they can be found at any mass market department store. To assume I did not need ten highlighters would be a correct assumptio
n, but I really wanted these because they came with "new colors!" The word "new" is basically a mandate to buy the product.

I compared the colors in the Piccadilly notebook. Keep in mind those pages are a light cream color. The new colors are the 2nd, 4th, and 8th. With the two purple colors, I couldn't really tell which was the traditional purple and which was
different, I think it is the 10th color. In hindsight, I should have numbered these in the photo to make it easier. I'll remember for next time.

The 2nd color, is really a pure red. It can make things a little difficult to read at times and appears kind of like you are highlighting with a red crayola marker versus a highlighter. On regular paper, the second blue has a much different appearance than the pictures show. The 3rd color is the traditional highlighter orange, but the 4th color is my favorite. It is an unique mix of orange and pink that still allows for the writing to be read easily and is much prettier in real life than the picture shows.

The pen I used was a Uniball Jetstream, black 1.0 ballpoint. The liquidity of the Sharpies made this pen smudge easily in my opinion. Non liquid liners haven't been quite so rough on this pen. As I was taking a pen picture, I dropped it. Obviously Pepino the Chihuahua has a pen addiction as well.


  1. Great Review! Pepino is so cute too :). I love Jetstream pens, they are so smooth.

  2. I love this already! I like the last purple color best! I like how you incorporated Pepino. I will keep reading!

  3. I had a set of these highlighters for work. I loved them for the variety of color and for the overall general feel of them. The only thing is, I found that the ink didn't last very long.