Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why is does my pen/paper blog have such an awesome title?

Like a lot of pen and paper addicts, I have far too many items. My addiction has gotten to the point several times where the stored pens and paper products have outgrown their containers. When this happens I take everything to work and I give stuff away. Obviously there are a few favorite items that I never part with, but I have contributed many items to the communal office reserves.

Why do I give up my supplies to others instead of buying more containers? Because of the school supply dance. Back when my husband (mistakenly) thought humiliation could deter me from purchasing supplies, he instituted the school supply dance rule. If I wanted to buy supplies when he was with me he made me do a truly embarrassing dance and sing the words "school supplies" repeatedly. Luckily, if I keep my addiction limited to a few select containers, I don't have to do the dance in public when I want to pick up a pack of highlighters with four brand new colors or the latest incarnation of the mead 5 star. I do have to do the dance when making a jetpens.com order from home, so I order from work most of the time.

Like any addict, embarrassment alone is not enough to deter me from acquiring new supplies. So I embrace the school supply dance and am happy to share it. I would do anything to get to buy more pens and paper!


  1. haha! I think this post is hilarious. I just read it to Nick and he laughed too!

  2. Hahaha, that is awesome! My fiance refuses to go into an office supply store with me, unless I know EXACTLY what I want, and promise to go in, get it and leave with no dilly-dallying!

    To be honest, I thought your blog name had to do with the happy dance that comes with new school supplies! lol.